Computer Knowledge 70

1. Which of the following logical programming language is associated with Artificial Intelligence(AI)?

  • A. C
  • B. C++
  • C. Java
  • D. Prolog

2. Which of the following Operating System is developed by Apple?

  • A. Android
  • B. BIOS
  • C. Mac OS
  • D. DOS

3. What is the full form of CAM in the field of computer science?

  • A. Character Added Manual.
  • B. Computer Advanced Manufacturing.
  • C. Computer Aided Manufacturing.
  • D. Computer Aided Malfunctioning.

4. In a database system when the same data does not match with each other in different tables, it is called-

  • A. Data Inconsistency.
  • B. Data redundancy.
  • C. Difficult data access.
  • D. None of these.

5. (Ultra Large Scale Integration) or ULSI Microprocessor is used in which of the following computer generation?

  • A. First Generation
  • B. Third Generation.
  • C. Fourth Generation.
  • D. Fifth Generation.

6. The first super computer developed by Indian scientists is-

  • A. PARAM 1000
  • B. PARAM 7000
  • C. PARAM 5000
  • D. PARAM 8000

7. Which of the following is a key function of computer firewall?

  • A. Deleting.
  • B. Monitoring.
  • C. Copying.
  • D. Moving.

8. Which of the following is the human redable form of an program?

  • A. Program code.
  • B. System code.
  • C. Source code.
  • D. Machine code.

9. A computer's speed depends upon its-

  • A. Processor.
  • B. Operating system.
  • C. Computer Type.
  • D. All of these.

10. .txt, .bas, .exe are example of-

  • A. Software.
  • B. Hardware.
  • C. Databases.
  • D. Extensions.

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