Computer Knowledge 1

1. The directory that must present in a disk is-
A. Sub directory.
B. Root directory.
C. Case directory.
D. Base directory.

2. Which is called as the modulator and demodulator?
D. None of these.

3. A Webpage written in-
A. Hyper Text Markup Language.
D. None of these.

4. At first the programming language used in computer is-
A. Assembly Language.
B. Machine language.
C. C language.
D. Basic Language.

5. What is the term "Backup" means in the field of computer science?
A. Cut and Paste the data from the original location to a different location.
B. Protecting data by copying it  into a different location from the orginal location.
C. Keep the data with a security lock.
D. None of these.

6. In which kind of Network Topology the components of the network are connected by a common wire or cable?
A. Ring Topology.
B. Mesh Topology.
C. Mixed Topology.
D. None of these.

7. Basically the matching process of User Name and Password are done with the help of-
A. Text File.
B. Database.
C. Network.
D. Computer Memory.

8. An application software is a kind of software that mainly-
A. Helps user only to input data.
B. Helps the user to communicate with the computer.
C. Helps user to only see the output.
D. Controls the Power supply within the computer.

9. When we place the mouse pointer on a hyperlink the pointer shape looks like a-
A. Arrow.
B. Hand.
C. Point.
D. Oval.

10. A cyber cafe network is an example of-
A. Local Area Network.
B. Metropolitan Area Network.
C. Wide Area Network.
D. None of these.


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