Computer Knowledge 2

1. The components of the computer system which we can touch is called-
A. Software.
B. Hardware.
C. Operating System.
D. Application.

2. The components of the computer system which we cannot touch or feel is called-
A. Software.
B. Hardware.
C. Peripheral Devices.
D. Computer Tower.

3. Which of the following is a portable type pen-based computer?
A. Personal Computer (PC).
B. Supercomputer.
C. Personal Digital Assistants (PDA).
D. None of these.

4. Microsoft Word is a-
A. System Software.
B. Application Software.
C. Hardware.
D. Preloaded program in ROM.

5. Full form of RAM is-
A. Random Available Memory.
B. Random Authenticate Memory.
C. Random Accessible Memory.
D. Random Access Memory.

6. In the field of DBMS what is the full form of ERP?
A. Encapture Resource Planning.
B. Enterprise Resource Planning.
C. Evolution Resource Planning.
D. Extra Resource Planning.

7. What kind of database is typically used by ERP system?
A. Single user database.
B. Multi user database.
C. End usee database.
D. None of these.

8. A database contains description of its own structure, it is called as-
A. Multi description.
B. Metadata.
C. Userdata.
D. Information data.

9. Relational database systems that is being used today, is developed by-
A. Santera Maine.
B. Bill gates.
C. E. F. Codd.
D. Charles Babbage.

10. SQL is a-
A. Data processing language.
B. Complete programming language.
C. Low level language.
D. None of these.

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