Computer Knowledge 3

1. Which helps to convert source program of a high level language into Machine level language?
A. Processor.
B. Input Device.
C. Compiler.
D. None of these.

2. Emulator helps to-
A. convert machine program into assembly level program.
B. imitate other systems.
C. repair system damge.
D. None of these.

3. 1024 Megabyte is equal to-
A. 1 Kilobyte.
B. 1 Gigabyte.
C. 1 Terabyte.
D. None of these.

4. Firmware is pre-installed program in-
C. Peripheral Devices.
D. None of these.

5. The components of computer is connected with CPU with the help of-
A. Input Device.
B. Output Device.
C. System Bus.
D. None of these.

6. "SELECT * FROM STUDENT" - it is an SQL statement. Here STUDENT refers to the-
A. Row name
B. Column name.
C. Table name.
D. None of these.

7. COUNT is an SQL built in function that helps to computes-
A. total numeric columns.
B. the number of rows in a table.
C. maximum value of a column in a table.
D. minimum value of a column in a table.

8. What is an SQL subquery?
A. A query under another query.
B. Quering two or more tables at the same time.
C. A query that is used to fetch multiple data within a table.
D. None of these.

9. In DBMS system a row can be called as-
A. columns.
B. records.
C. value.
D. cell.

10. What is foreign key in a DBMS system?
A. A key used to establish relationship among relations in the relational model.
B. A key used as a external key and can not be related with any field in the relational model.
C. A special key that used to give security to data.
D. None of these.

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