Computer Knowledge 5

1. Which helps to convert assembly level language to Machine level language?
A. Assembler.
B. Compiler.
C. Interpreter.
D. None of these.

2. In a computer program error is known as-
A. Bug.
B. Memory Loss.
C. Failure.
D. Virus.

3. 1024 Gigabyte is equal to-
A. 1 Kilobyte.
B. 1 Gigabyte.
C. 1 Terabyte.
D. None of these.

4. A computer Mouse is a-
A. Input Device.
B. Output Device.
C. Processing Device.
D. Comes under computer tower.

5. In computer science Bit is the acronym for-
A. Binary Digit.
B. Octal Digit.
C. Hexadecimal Digit.
D. None of these.

6. VIRUS stands for-
A. Vital Information Resource Under Seize.
B. Vital Information Resource Universal Size.
C. Viral Information Resource Under Seize.
D. Vital Information Resource Under Section.

7. What is Trojan Horse?
A. A Program act as a malicious code.
B. A financial tool.
C. A hardware device that helps in networking.
D. It is a popular Antivirus Program.

8. What is virus?
A. A software programs that maintains connectivity between databases.
B. A malicious program that affect and replicate in systems.
C. A Hardware device for universal use.
D. A Quesry language for database.

9. What is the full form of MBR in case of Hard Drives?
A. Master Boot Record.
B. Master Benificial record.
C. Master Binary Record.
D. Master BIOS Record.

10. What is Spyware?
A. A hardware input device.
B. A program that aims to secretly gather information about a person or organization.
C. A Search engine.
D. A programming language used in the field of Web Development.

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