Computer Knowledge 6

1. Biometric identification is used in the field of computer science to-
A. check the system processor speed.
B. to check about the owner of a computer.
C. control access.
D. None of these.

2. Plotter is a-
A. Processing Device.
B. Output Device.
C. Input Device.
D. Control Unit.

3. Basic operations of a computer is-
A. Input-Store.
B. Output-Store.
C. Input-Process-Output.
D. Input-Output-Store.

4. 1 Nibble is equal to-
A. 2 bit.
B. 4 bit.
C. 8 bit.
D. 16 bit.

5. World's first smartphone 'Simon' is developed by-
A. Microsoft.
C. Apple.
D. Google.

6. Verifying is a process to-
A. executing a program.
B. examine wheather the data is correct or any error exist.
C. gives accessability to a program.
D. all of these.

7. Accuracy of data means-
A. data prepared for any level of user.
B. error free and right data.
C. data that belongs to any organization.
D. all of these.

8. What is the full form of VGA?
A. Virtual Grphic Array.
B. Video Graphic Array.
C. Ventilation Graphic Array.
D. Void Graphic Array.

9. When a comany buying or selling software products from another company in an E-Commerce environment, it is called-
A. Changing hands.
B. Transporting of Services.
C. B2B Commerce.
D. Transaction of Services.

10. When you are visting a special kind of we page that require adobe flash or shockwave player you need to install-
A. Antivirus.
B. Network.
C. Plugins.
D. USB Drives.

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