Computer Knowledge 10

1. A computer Monitor is a-
A. Processing Device.
B. Output Device.
C. Input Device.
D. None of these.

2. The common goal of a computer system is to takes data as input and conver data into-
A. Program.
B. Process.
C. Information.
D. Graphics

3.Which of the following key is known as toggle key?
A. Shift.
B. Ctrl.
C. Caps Lock.
D. Esc.

4. A computer printer is a-
A. Input Device.
B. Output Device.
C. Processing Device.
D. None of these.

5. 1024 Kilobyte is equal to-
A. 1 Megabyte.
B. 1 Gigabyte.
C. 1 Terabyte.
D. None of these.

6. A blog is a-
A. programming software.
B. database system to store financial information.
C. modern online writer's column.
D. None of these.

7. Which of the following is not a social media?
A. Twitter.
B. facebook.
D. Adobe

8. What is the full form of P2P in case of file sharing system in internet?
A. Public to Public
B. Peer to Peer
C. Parent to Parent
D. Profession to pression

9. Using P2P file sharing system we can not share-
A. E-books.
B. Music.
C. Movies.
D. Cables.

10. What is the full form of E-Commerce, an online business for transaction of selling and buying?
A. Eveporate Commerce.
B. Electronic Commerece.
C. Elected Commerce.
D. Economic Commerce.

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