Computer Knowledge 9

1. Computer operating system allows two or more than two programs to execute simultaneusly. This process is known as-
A. Multitasking.
B. Multiprocessing.
C. Multiprogramming.
D. Multiexecuting.

2. Thhe speed of a microprocessor is calculated in-?
A. Bit.
B. Second.
C. Minute.
D. Hertz.

3. From ARPAnet we can-
A. track user id and password of any website.
B. track about the hardware used in a system.
C. track origin of internet.
D. None of these.

4. Computer Networks made with similar kinds of protocols connected together using-
A. Hubs.
B. Transformer.
C. Bridges.
D. Converter.

5. Dr. E.F Codd made 12 rules which is popularly known as 'Codd's rule' for-
A. a wide are network system.
B. a local area network system.
C. a truely relational database.
D. web programming languages.

6. Which of the following webpage version support encryption to hide user information?
D. All of these.

7. What is the full form of HTTPS?
A. Hyper text transfer protocol synchronized.
B. Hyper text transfer protocol secured.
C. Hyper text transfer protocol several.
D. Hyper text transfer protocol security.

8. Safari is a well known-
A. Antivirus program.
B. Web browser.
C. Programming language.
D. Network.

9. Which of the following software allows you to view web page, graphics and other online content?
A. Antivirus.
B. Virus.
C. Web browser.
D. Microsoft Word.

10. Microsoft Outlook is a-
A. Webmail Service.
B. Installed software mail service.
C. Sound editing siftware.
D. Video editing software.

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