Computer Knowledge 11

1. In Microsoft word we press Ctrl+F2 for-
A. Print Option.
B. Print Preview Option.
C. closing the window.
D. Lock a field.

2. By pressing Ctrl+Alt+DELETE we make-
A. Cold Booting.
B. Warm Booting.
C. System Maintaining.
D. Increasing Processor Speed.

3. In DOS operatinf system we use 'CLS' command to-
A. Close the screen.
B. Clear the screen.
C. Delete a Character.
D. Insert a Character.

4. On your desktop a shortcut with picture of all the programs created. These are called as-
A. Image file.
B. Icons.
C. Installer.
D. Folder.

5. Data Manipulation Language is used to-
A. Define dta structure.
B. Insert, Delete and update data.
C. Control transactions.
D. Grant access over data.

6. What is the full form of B2B, in the filed of E-Commerce?
A. Business to Business.
B. Buy to Buy.
C. Build to Build.
D. Buy to Business.

7. Add-ons are-
A. malicious code to a program.
B. viruses that mostly attack user credentials.
C. custom software modification.
D. None of these.

8. Microsoft Silverlight Player is an example of-
A. Typing tool.
B. a plugin.
C. a special kind of browser addon.
D. both B and C

9. Somone sending you mails that includes high volume of unwanted advertising, the mails will be stored into your emails-
A. Social Connection.
B. Spam folder.
C. Sent mail.
D. Trash.

10. An Archive is a-
A. Desktop publishing tool.
B. Compressed container of multiple smaller data files.
C. System data storing tool.
D. None of these.

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