Computer Knowledge 12

1. Full form of BIOS is-
A. Binary Input Output System.
B. Basic Input Output System.
C. Basic Input Output Synchronization.
D. Bit Input Output System.

2. Computer system used in Supermarkets are basically called as-
A. Super Computer.
B. P-O-S
C. Mini Computer.
D. Embedded System.

3. In the field of compter a system unit is referred to as the-
A. combination of software.
B. combination of peripheral devices.
C. combination of computer hardware and software.
D. None of these.

4. The Delegate Access feature in Access is used for-
A. Deleting any task of someone.
B. Store files for someone.
C. Scheduling any task for someone.
D. None of these.

5. How you will hide the current row in Microsoft excel?
A. by pressing CTRL+F2
B. by pressing CTRL+F3
C. by pressing CTRL+F9
D. by pressing CTRL+F8

6. Apps or Applets are-
A. plugins to PC.
B. small system software programs.
C. small application software programs.
D. All of these.

7. Multiprocessing means-
A. running more than one program at once.
B. using two or more CPU's in one sytem.
C. processing programs by storing them in a batch.
D. all of these.

8. Batch Processing Process jobs following which method?

9. A process is terminated. It means-
A. it is working.
B. it has been pause
C. it has finished execution.
D. All o fthese.

10. Static means-
A. hidden from user.
B. permanent and not changing much.
C. changing frequently.
D. all of these.

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