Computer Knowledge 13

1. In the field of computer the term "POST" refers to-
A. Public On Server Test.
B. Power On Self Test.
C. Power On Server Test.
D. Public On Self Test.

2. In the field of Networking the full form of "WWW" is-
A. World Wide Web.
B. World Wide Wave.
C. World Wave Web.
D. Wave Wide Web.

3. Light Pen is a-
A. Input Device.
B. Output Device.
C. Networking Device.
D. Converter of signals.

4. What do you mean by DSDD?
A. Double Sided Digital Density.
B. Double Sided Double Density.
C. Dynamic Side Double Density.
D. Double Sided Dynamic Density.

5. Full form of OCR is-
A. Optical Code Reader.
B. Optical Character Reader.
C. Optional Character Reader.
D. Optional Code Reader.

6. What is the full form of VDU?
A. Virtual Digital Unit.
B. Virtual Digit Unit.
C. Video Display Unit.
D. Video Data Unit.

7. What is the full form of SVGA?
A. Service Virtual Graphic Array.
B. Super Video Graphic Array.
C. Super Ventilation Graphic Array.
D. Super Void Graphic Array.

8. What is the full form of CPS, a printing unit?
A. Character per Semi.
B. Centimeter per second.
C. Character Per Second.
D. None of these.

9. The speed of line printer is measured in-

10. Which of the following printer type is the fastest?
A. Line printer.
B. Character printer.
C. Page printer.
D. Plotter.

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