Computer Knowledge 14

1. In Database system a primary key must be a-
A. Important key.
B. Unique key.
C. Related Key.
D. Numeric.

2. In WWW to locate any particular document of an website we use-
A. Home Page.
C. Domain Name.
D. Email.

3. What is the large-scale electronic repository of data that stores important information and is time variant?
A. Data Dictionary.
B. Data Warehouse.
C. Data View.
D. Decission Support System.

4. In C++ programming language the program file has extension of-
A. .C++
B. .c
C. .cpp
D. .Cplus

5. MS office package is developed by which company?
A. Google.
B. Apple.
C. Microsoft.
D. Novell.

6. The speed of page printer is measured in-

7. laser printer is a-
A. Impact Printer.
B. Non- Impact printer.
C. Line printer.
D. Serical printer.

8. Which of the following type of printer is a Page printer?
A. Daisy Wheel printer.
B. Inkjet printer.
C. Laser printer.
D. Dot matrix printer.

9. Thermal printer is a-
A. Line Printer.
B. Serial printer.
C. Impact Printer.
D. page printer.

10. Which of the following type of printer is a non impact printer?
A. Chain printer,
B. Drum printer.
C. Dot matrix printer.
D. Deskjet printer.

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