Computer Knowledge 16

1. A program that convert a source file of a high level lnguage into machine level language?
A. Assembler.
B. Compiler.
C. Translator.
D. Emulator.

2. Which is the characteristic of a File server?
A. Manages file operation and shared over a network.
B. Does not manages file operation but shared over a network.
C. Manages file operation and shared on to a particular computer..
D. None of these.

3. Which device supply power to the computer in case of power failure?
A. Universal Surge Protectors (USP)
B. Input Device.
C. Output Device.
D. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

4. We can store two files with same name in a folder if-
A. they are of different extensions.
B. one contains less or more data than other.
C. they are of different size.
D. they are creted on different time.

5. The first ever computer was programmed in-
A. Assembly language.
B. Machine language.
C. low level langugae.
D. Spaghetti code.

6. Who has been called as the "Father of modern computer"?
A. Bill Gates.
B. Blaise Pascal.
C. Charles Babbage.
D. John Van.

7. Who has developed the first computer program?
A. Charles Babbage.
B. Lady Ada Augusta.
C. J.P. Ekart.
D. John Moschley.

8. Which of following type of computer is more advanced than other?
A. Main Frame Computer.
B. Super Computer.
C. Micro Computer.
D. Quantum Computer.

9. Basic, Pascal, C; these programming languages are belong to which generation?
A. First Generation.
B. Second Generation.
C. Third Generation.
D. Fourth Generation.

10. Which of these super computers developed in UK?
B. Deep Blue
C. Blue Gene

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