Computer Knowledge 17

1. When we cut or copy data it goes at first to-
A. Clipart.
B. Clipboard.
D. Input Deice.

2. A field is related group of-
A. Files.
B. Information.
C. Folder.
D. Records.

3. Several computers are connected with a system to share programs and storage space is called a-
A. Memory.
B. Network.
C. Hub.
D. Bridge.

4. Which of the following is a process of finding error in software code?
A. Creating.
B. Editing.
C. Debugging.
D. Assembling.

5. Which key will launch the start button?
A. Windows.
B. Delete.
C. Enter.
D. Esc

6. What is the full form of IBM, a popular American IT company?
A. Information Business Machine.
B. International Business Machine.
C. Information Business Model.
D. International Business Management.

7. Which of the following memory unit is the fastest memory elements used by the CPU?
A. CU.
C. Register.
D. Secondary Storage.

8. What is Clock Speed?
A. The speed of the hard disk.
B. The speed of the Clock.
C. The speed of RAM.
D. The speed of CPU.

9. Which of the following is a input device?
A. Speaker.
B. Plotter.
C. Digital Camera.
D. Monitor.

10. Each and every computer programming languages has its own 'grammer' known as-
A. Files.
B. Meta data.
C. Syntax.
D. Compiler.

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