Computer Knowledge 18

1. To move to the beginning of a text we press-
A. Page Up
B. Enter.
C. Backspace
D. Home.

2. In Email which portion tells the user about the content of the mail?
A. Title.
B. Subject.
C. Attachment.

3. Which method is the best and appropriate method of shutting down the computer?
A. Directly Switch off the power key.
B. Switch off the Monitor.
C. Go to Start then press Shut Down button.
D. None of these.

4. Ctrl, Shift and Alt keys are called as-
A. Toggle keys.
B. Modifiers.
C. Function keys.
D. None of these.

5. The printed line of pattern is called as-
C. Barcodes
D. Icons

6. In which of these following networking technique a computer get connected to the internet using a telephone?
A. Cable connection.
B. Digital Subscriber Line.
C. Dial-up Networking.
D. None of these.

7. What is the full form of GML?
A. General Management Language.
B. Google Management Language.
C. General Mark-up language.
D. General Major Language.

8. What is piracy?
A. It is the compressed software programs.
B. Distribution of software application free of cost.
C. illegal reproduction of software programs.
D. All of these.

9. What is SOLARIS?
A. A single user operating system.
B. A windows type operating system.
C. A unix type operation system.
D. It is a database program to store user data.

10. 'DB' a term used in the field of computer is known as-
A. Database.
B. Digitalbyte.
C. Directbyte
D. Direct base.

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  1. Nice questions no. 5 what is Barcodes..can u explain?


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