Computer Knowledge 19

1. In MICR the C stands for-
A. close.
B. chapter.
C. character.
D. cut.

2. How to permanently delete files from computer?
A. Pressing Shift + Delete keys.
B. Pressing Delete Keys.
C. Using Cut and Paste features.
D. None of these.

3. Which of the following is a web browser?
A. MS Paint.
B. Operating Syatem
C. Internet Explorer.
D. Microsoft Word.

4. Which iof the following is the name of an operating system?
D. Word.

5. We take backup of data to prevent-
A. duplicacy.
B. loss of data.
C. copy of data.
D. virus infection.

6. .avi is refers to what kind of file?
A. video file.
B. text file.
C. logo file.
D. image file.

7. Which of the following parts of the computer system doe not contains within the Computer Tower?
A. Processor.
B. Mouse.
C. Motherboard

8. Which of the following option helps the user from coming out of an already created login session on the web?
A. Authenticate.
B. Login.
C. Logout.
D. Shut off.

9. In which of the following cases a virtual keyboard can be used?
A. if the physcial keyboard not work.
B. to avoid recording keystrokes.
C. to enter special characters.
D. Both A and B.

10. If someone is sending spam emails again and again to your email address then what are the steps we need to do at first?
A. Not to open the email.
B. Not to reply to the email.
C. Mark the email address as spam.
D. All A, B and C.

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