Computer Knowledge 20

1. If we want to save an already existing document we use-
A. copy and paste command.
B. delete and new command.
C. save as command.
D. none of these.

2. Microsoft word documents are saved with the file extension of-
A. .doc
B. .word
C. .exe
D. .txt

3. If a CD or DVD have both the permission of reading and writing data into it. then we called it a-
A. R CD or DVD
B. RW CD or DVD.
C. Written CD or DVD
D. Digital CD or DVD

4. We use file extensions to-
A. identify the file types.
B. run the file.
C. access the file.
D. know the file name.

5. Third generation of computer was between-
A. 1959-1964
B. 1965-1971
C. 1971-1981
D. None of these.

6. In a program, Sysntax errors are pointed out by a-
A. Transporter.
B. Compiler.
C. Loader.
D. None of these.

7. What is the full form of C-DOT?
A. Centre for Digital Operating Technology..
B. Centre for Development of Telematrics.
C. Carrier for Development of Telematrics.
D. Centre for Dynamic operation on Telematric..

8. What is PSPDN, a type of network?
A. Pocket Switched Popular Data Network.
B. Pocket Switched Public Digital Network.
C. Packet Switched Public Data Network.
D. Pocket Switched Public Data Network.

9. What is the fullform of FORTRAN?
A. Formula Translation.
B. Foreign Translation.
C. Feasibility Operation Run Translation.
D. Foreign Transaction.

10. A database is a-
A. user based operating system.
B. program for processing low level langauges.
C. collection of interelated data.
D. None of these.

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