Computer Knowledge 21

1. MS-DOS is what kind of operating system(OS)?
A. Single User.
B. Multi User.
C. Multi tasking.
D. None of these.

2. Full form of EDI is-
A. Electronic Dynamic Interchange.
B. Electronic Device Interchange.
C. Electronic Data Interchange.
D. Electronic Data Interface.

3. Which memory type is the fastest?
C. Cache Memory.
D. Secondary Memory.

4. Taskbar is located at-
A. the top of the screen.
B. the bottom of the screen.
C. top left corner of the screen.
D. middle of the screen.

5. C, C++, Basic, Cobol are example of what type of computer programming languages?
A. Low level.
B. High level.
C. System Programming.
D. None of these.

6. What is Concatenation?
A. A process of sorting numbers in descending order.
B. A process of sorting numbers in ascending order.
C. A process of linking text values in a series within a formula.
D. A process of linking object with a text.

7. Which of the following program in windows helps to view folders in the OS?
B. Run.
C. Windows Explorer.
D. Control panel.

8. In which of the following year the Internet Society was formed to promote the Internet?
A. 1978
B. 1992
C. 1998
D. 2001

9. Which of the following symbol is used for copyright information?
A. ©
B. &
C. #
D. @

10. A common term used for special text editor's is-
A. Line processor.
B. Word processor.
C. Assembler.
D. Debugger.

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