Computer Knowledge 22

1. How we can add any file to Email?
A. By using Link.
B. By using Attachment.
C. By using IP address.
D. By using Mailbox.

2. Which file accesing program helps you to jump to your requested location?
A. Sequesntial Access.
B. Quick Access.
C. Random Access.
D. All of these.

3. In a Database, a group of related data is called as-
A. Data.
B. Field.
C. Record.
D. Object.

4. AM and FM techniques are example of-
A. Digital to Digital.
B. Analog to Analog.
C. Analog to Digital.
D. Digital to Analog.

5. In Network OSI Layer the Physical layer is responsible for the transmission of-
A. protocols over the physical medium.
B. bits over the physical medium.
C. programs over the physical medium.
D. dialogs over the physical medium.

6. Which of the following is not a special characters?
A. a
B. *
C. #
D. $

7. Which of the following in not an output device?
A. Plotter
B. Scanner.
C. Speaker.
D. Monitor.

8. Which of the following is a good password?
B. *Ftyuo987
C. 12345
D. John

9. If we want to write all text in capital letters then which of the following is the easiest step for it?
A. Using the ctrl key to enter text.
B. Doing it by pressing Shift Key.
C. Making the Caps lock on.
D. none of these.

10. What is a Repeater?
A. A datbase storage location.
B. A networking device.
C. A programmming language.
D. A software for calculation.


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