Computer Knowledge 25

1. What is the full form of DCE?
A. Data Communication Equipment
B. Data Control Equipment.
C. Data Class Equipment.
D. Digital Control Equipment.

2. DTE stands for-
A. Data Terminal Equipment.
B. Data Test Equipment.
C. Digital Terminal Equipment.
D. All of these.

3. The sources which sends data are-
A. Terminals.
B. Computers.
C. Mainframes.
D. All of these.

4. In which kind of communication data flows in only one direction?
A. Simplex.
B. Half Duplex.
C. Full Duplex.
D. All of these.

5. Which serial port is used to add a terminal/computer to modem?
A. RS-232
B. RJ-11
C. RJ-232
D. All of these.

6. In the field of communication medium the term STP refers to-
A. Shielded Twisted Pair.
B. Simple Twisted Pair.
C. Simplex Twisted Pair.
D. Simplex Term Pair.

7. TCP-IP refers to-
A. Transmission control protocol / Internet protocol.
B. Transmission control protocol / Interface protocol.
C. Transfer control protocol / Interface protocol.
D. Computer Protocol.

8. URL refers to-
A. Uniform Resource Locator.
B. Universal Resource Locator.
C. Unused Resource Locator.
D. Unit Resource Locator.

9. FTP stands for-
A. File transfer protocol.
B. Form transfer protocol.
C. Fixed time protocol.
D. Form time protocol.

10. By using e-mail we can send messages to-
A. World wide web.
B. Local offices.
C. Corporate world.
D. All of these.

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