Computer Knowledge 27

1. World wide web is also known as-
A. W3
B. W4
C. W5
D. W6

2. What is WWW browser?
A. A program.
B. A command.
C. Web page.
D. All of these.

3. What is the full form of HTTP?
A. Hyper text transfer protocol.
B. Hyper text terminal protocol.
C. Highlighted text transfer protocol.
D. Hyper terminal transfer protocol.

4. What is Google?
A. Search Engine.
B. Browser.
C. Application Software.
D. Operating System.

5. Which of the following program on the internet helps to search information?
A. Search Engine.
B. Printers.
C. Keyboards.

6. Web Browser is a-
A. Application Software.
B. System software.
C. Hardware.
D. All of these.

7. What is the main feature of the Web browser?
A. To run music.
B. To browse web pages.
C. To delete files.
D. All of these.

8. What is the use of Bookmark?
A. To save address of the website.
B. To open website.
C. To save website code.
D. All of these.

9. Which submenu is not available in File menu?
A. New
B. Save
C. Cut
D. Send

10. Which submenu is not available under edit menu?
A. Cut.
B. Copy.
C. Paste.
D. None of these.

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