Computer Knowledge 29

1. The full form of POP is-
A. Post office protocol.
B. Pair office protocol.
C. Past office protocol.
D. Pending office protocol.

2. In an e-mail "To" field is used for-
A. Address.
B. Files.
C. Messages.
D. Softwares.

3. BCC stands for-
A. Blind carbon copy.
B. Beside carbon copy.
C. Big carbon copy.
D. Before carbon copy.

4. What is the full form of FTP?
A. Facebook transfer protocol.
B. File transfer protocol.
C. Fast transfer protocol.
D. Featured transfer protocol.

5. When is the first FTP document is used?
A. 1973
B. 1775
C. 1985
D. 1990

6. What is the basic need for FTP?
A. username and password.
B. Computer system.
C. Address of server.
D. All of these.

7. By using FTP we can-
A. Download files.
B. Upload files.
C. Send files.
D. All of these.

8. Which command is used in Dos prompt to open FTP?
A. File
B. Protocol.
D. Server

9. What is the port number for FTP?
A. 10
B. 12
C. 21
D. 31

10. By using FTp we can share the files in-
A. Internet.
B. Speaker.
C. Mouse.
D. Scanner.

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