Computer Knowledge 30

1. Without which of the following FTP will not work.
A. Network or Internet.
B. Printer.
C. Mouse.
D. Email.

2. What is telnet?
A. Telecommunication network.
B. Toly communication network.
C. Transfer communication network.
D. None of these.

3. Telnet protocol is used for-
A. Remote login.
B. Remove login.
C. Retransmission login.
D. None of these.

4. Which of the following command is used for Telnet Protocol?
A. Telnet.
B. Tel cat.
C. Tel boy.
D. Tel rock.

5. When the terminal emulation is useful?
A. When the user access the program which is really written.
B. When the user want to access the program, which is not written.
C. It access the telnet.
D. None of these.

6. Which of the following addres is necessary in telnet?
A. email address.
B. IP address.
C. Mac address.
D. Pin code of country.

7. What is Authorization?
A. To verify the user login.
B. To print files.
C. To download files.
D. To get free resources.

8. For telnet the user must be connected with-
A. Internet.
B. Printers.
C. Speakers.

9. Telnet is a-
A. Remote login protocol.
B. File transfer protocol.
C. Printing protocol.
D. All of these.

10. BBS stands for-
A. Bulletin board system.
B. Bulletin back system.
C. Bulletin bound system.
D. None of these.

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