Computer Knowledge 31

1. IRC stands for-
A. Internet relay chat.
B. Inwait relay chat.
C. Into relay chat.
D. Inverse relay chat.

2. The work of chat server is-
A. To type the text message to all users connected with other user.
B. Chat can not perform any work.
C. Chat server connect the hardware.
D. None of these.

3. News server is a-
A. Software with computer.
B. Hardware device.
C. Company name.
D. All of these.

4. How much clients are added in IRC at a time?
A. 23000
B. 22000
C. 24000
D. 1000

5. Which of the following process the request of the IRC client?
A. Printers.
B. Servers.
C. Hub.
D. Scanner.

6. Microsoft windows is a-
A. Single user operating syste.
B. Multiuser operating system.
C. Hardware lements.
D. Network tower.

7. What is the extemsion for plain text files?
A. .txt
B. .bat
C. .exe
D. .text

8. What is the file extension for HTML files?
A. .hrm
B. .html
C. .ht
D. .hml

9. Which of the following is a image file extension?
A. .gif
B. .txt.
C. .exe
D. .net

10. Which one is a image file format?
A. .jpg
B. .html
C. .col
D. .txt

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