Computer Knowledge 33

The first page of website is called-
A. home page.
B. End page.
C. Window page.
D. Hackin gpage.

Web browser is a-
A. System Software.
B. Application Software.
C. Hardware.
D. Scanner.

The information that are arranged in segments is called-
A. Pages.
B. Printers.
C. Keyboards.
D. Motherboards.

By using WWW we can send the information to the-
A. Computer Tower.
B. Speaker.
C. Web user.
D. Monitor.

Firefox is a web browser of which company?
A. Google.
B. Microsoft.
C. Mozilla.
D. Safari.

Internet Explore is a web browser by which company?
A. Microsoft.
B. Google.
C. Safari.
D. Adobe.

Which of the following is not a HTML Tag?
B. <Head>
C. <Body>
D. <Computer>

Which tag is used to line break?
C. <BR>
D. All of these.

Which tag is used for the table?
A. <Table>,<tr> and <th>
B. <Table>, <tp> and <ht>
C. <Table>, <Ht> and <Pt>
D. None of these.

Applet tag is used for-
A. To insert the Java applets.
B. To insert the Java file.
C. To insert the Java home.
D. All of these.

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