Computer Knowledge 34

1. What tag is used in HTML to insert the image?
A. <Img src>
B. <Ibm src>
C. <Igm rsc>
D. All of these.

2. Button element define a-
A. Submit button.
B. Resect button.
C. Push button.
D. All of these.

3. In HTML <U> tag is used to-
A. Underline the text.
B. Bold the text.
C. Italic the text.
D. Color the text.

4. Button is a concept supported by-
A. HTML 1.0
B. HTML 2.0
C. HTML 3.0
D. HTML 4.0

5. In HTML by the help of Font element the author change the-
A. basic font.
B. table size.
C. frame size.
D. None of these.

6. <B> tag is used in HTML to-
A. Bold the text.
B. Bind the text.
C. Blank the text.
D. Italic the text.

7. In HTML <P> tag is used to-
A. Create the paragraph.
B. create picture.
C. Create table.
D. Create frame.

8. Which of the following tag is necessary in HTML?
A. Font.
B. Body.
C. Table
D. UL.

9. Which of the the following tag is used for website title?
A. Text
B. Title
C. Texture
D. Tit

10. Which script is used for ASP?
A. Java Script.
B. PHP Script.
C. VB Script.
D. All of these.

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