Computer Knowledge 36

1. Which is not a player.
A. Real player.
B. Windows media player.
C. Quick time.
D. TV player.

2. GIF animator is used in the-
A. Music.
B. Animation.
C. hardware design.
D. Creating Operating sustem.

3. What is the full form of VRLM?
A. Virtual Reality Modelling Language.
B. Virtual Real Modular Language.
C. Virtual Rolling Model Language.
D. Virtual Rational Model Language.

4. Adobe photoshop is what kind of software?
A. Audio creation software.
B. Image editing software.
C. Browser.

5. Antivirus is a-
A. Software.
B. Hardware.
C. Software and Hardware.
D. None of these.

6. Proxy is a-
A. Server.
B. Client.
C. hardware.
D. All ofthese.

7. Firewall is a-
A. Save Computer.
B. Save Hardware.
C. Save Device.
D. All of these.

8. Which is not a type of virus?
A. Worms.
B. Trojans.
C. Zombics.
D. Catwall.

9. SSL stands for-
A. Secure socket layer.
B. Secure soft layer.
C. Set socket layer.
D. All of these.

10. Which of the following is a programming language?
A. Firefox.
B. Chrome.
C. Microsoft Word.
D. Active-X

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