Computer Knowledge 38

1. In the field of databse system the term ER model refers to-
A. Even relation model.
B. Entity relationship model.
C. Equity reveal model.
D. Equal real model.

2. Which fo the following person created relational database model?
A. E. F. Codd.
B. Benjamin Franklin.
C. M. C Ranjan.
D. None of these.

3. An SQL statement to display all of columns from table student?
A. Create table.
B. Option Table.
C. Select * from student.
D. All of these.

4. When we add or change records periodically it is called as-
A. Updating.
B. Recruiting.
C. Renewing.
D. Rebuilding.

5. Which of the following is used to encode data and programs?
A. Keyboard.
B. Semiconductor.
C. Binary.
D. Decimal.

6. The processing of data is temporarily held in-
B. Secondary Memory.
D. Hard Disk.

7. A computer does not boot if it does not have-
A. Monitor.
B. Keyboard.
C. Operating system.
D. Application Software.

8. Events that occur in a computer system when it is intrpreting and executing instruction is called-
A. Calculating Cycle.
B. Instruction cycle.
C. Data Cycle.
D. Execution cycle.

9. What is the full form of POST?
A. Power on system terminal.
B. Power on systematic terminal.
C. Power on self test.
D. Power over syatem test.

10. How you will save a powerpoint presentation under a new file name?
A. File and Save.
B. File and Save as.
C. Close the powerpoint.
D. It will be automatically saved.

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