Computer Knowledge 39

1. Data enterd into the computer system is known as-
A. Input.
B. Output.
C. Process.
D. memory.

2. What term is used for using mouse to move an item?
A. Left Click.
B. Right click.
C. Drag and drop.
D. Fetch.

3. Which of the following is an example of non numeric data?
A. Student ID.
B. Student name.
C. Student address.
D. Student contact no.

4. A printer is kind of device-
A. Input.
B. Output.
C. Process.
D. Software.

5. A small image that represent a program-
A. Folder.
B. File.
C. Icon.
D. Wallpaper.

6. Information that we put into the computer is-
A. Data.
B. Information.
C. Software.
D. Hardware.

7. Which of the following key is used with combination with other key?
A. ctrl.
B. enter.
C. Tab
D. Arrow.

8. Whichj of the following computer type is the fastest one?
A. Micro computer.
B. Embedded computer.
C. Super computer.
D. Mainframe.

9. With a CD we can-
A. Read.
B. Write.
C. Read and write.
D. Either read or write.

10. In a computer file system which of the following is at top?
A. Working directory.
B. sub directory.
C. Home directory.
D. Root directory.

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