Computer Knowledge 40

1. Which of the following is the name of the computer brain?
A. Mouse.
B. Kernal.
D. Motherboard.

2. An error in a computer system is known as-
A. Bug.
B. Virus.
C. Debug.
D. File.

3. When we drap the mouse on a text a shade will appear. It is called-
A. Clip art.
B. Hover.
C. Drag and drop.
D. Highlight.

4. A modem connected with-
A. Motherboard.
B. Phone line.
C. Electric line.
D. Pen drives.

5. Which function change the appearence of a document?
A. Save.
B. Format.
C. Create.
D. Edit.

6. Which of the following distinct item do not have wide implication in the given situation?
A. Data.
B. Query.
C, Property.
D. Field.

7. Files can be stored in-
A. Motherboard.
B. Folders.
C. List.
D. Property.

8. To open a disk what mouse function we perform?
A. Left click.
B. Right click.
C. Double click.
D. Mouse Scroll button.

9. Restarting a computer is called as-
A. Cold booting.
B. Warm booting.
C. Shut Down.
D. Log off.

10. Tape drive provides what kind of access to data?
A. Random Access.
B. Sequential Access.
C. Timely Access.
D. Sporadic Access.

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