Computer Knowledge 41

1. What a user applies to access a mainframe or super computer?
A. Terminal.
B. Micro computer.
C. Hand held computer.
D. None of these.

2. A software tool that enable a user to interact with computer is-
A. System.
B. Application.
D. Memory.

3. Which of the following share hardware and software resources among authorized users?
A. Data.
B. Information.
C. Network.
D. Transmitter.

4. For seeing the output you use-
A. Mouse.
B. Keyboard.
C. Monitor.
D. Scanner.

5. CDs are of which shape?
A. Rectangular.
B. Round.
C. Square.
D. Hexagonal.

6. The kind of hardware that consist of devices which translate data into a form that computer can process?
A. Input.
B. Output.
C. Application.
D. System.

7. F1 is a-
A. Control key.
B. Function key.
C. Number key.
D. Character key.

8. .exe is a-
A. File name.
B. File extension.
C. Folder name.
D. Directory name.

9. Which of the following device translate images of text and photos into digital form?
A. Plotter.
B. Printer.
C. Scanner.
D. Router.

10. Which of the following can be called as cache memory?

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