Computer Knowledge 42

1. Something that has easily understood information is called-
A. User friendly.
B. Word Processing.
C. Data.
D. Information.

2. Information in the computer is of-
A. Digital type.
B. Analog type.
C. Watts data.
D. Modem data.

3. The open command can be find in-
A. File menu.
B. Edit menu.
C. Format menu.
D. Design menu.

4. The blinking point appears in the text is called-
A. Pointer.
B. Cursor.
C. Blinker.
D. Merger.

5. Where the programs and data are kept when processor is using them?
A. Main Memory.
B. Secondary Memory.
D. All of these.

6. Which is the shorcut key for selecting the whole text?
A. ctrl+A.
B. ctrl+B.
C. ctrl+C.
D. ctrl+D.

7. What does storage unit provide?
A. Place for storing information.
B. Placing for typing text.
C. Place for printing text.
D. Place for highlighting text.

8. The memory closely related to processor is-
A. Main memory.
B. Secondary memory.
C. Tape devices.
D. All of these.

9. Device used to access one computer through other or for talk over phone.
A. Switch.
B. Modem.
C. Bridge.
D. Hub.

10. Special effects that is used to introduce slides in a powerpoint presentation is called-
A. Sliding.
B. Animation.
C. Transition.
D. Editing.

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