Computer Knowledge 43

1. Modem is-
A. Molecular Device.
B. Modulator/Demodulator.
C. Modern Device.
D. Machine Device.

2. URL is a-
A. Web Address.
B. Computer Hardware.
C. Storage Device.
D. Backup Device.

3. Clicking on a image to open is working on-

4. Which of the following operating system is not owned or licensed by any company?
A. Windows 7.
B. Linux.
C. Unix.

5. In a computer window the maximize,minimize and close button appear at which place?
A. Title bar.
B. Status bar.
C. Scroll bar.
D. Window bar.

6. Which of the following is the slowest internet connection service?
A. Dial Up.
B. Cable modem.
C. T1.
D. Leased line.

7. Communication between CPU and Monitor is a-
A. Simplex.
B. Half Duplex.
C. Full Duplex.
D. None of these.

8. Checking if the Pin code number is valid before entering into the computer is called-
A. Data replication.
B. Data validation.
C. Data preparation.
D. Error correction.

9. A compiler translates higher level program into a machine language program, which is called as-
A. Source code.
B. Object code.
C. Hexadecimal code.
D. Beta code.

10. To find an individual item immediately we use-
A. Sequential access.
B. Direct Access.
C. Serial Access.
D. None of these.

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