Computer Knowledge 45

1. The blinking object that indicates where the new character will appear is-
A. Ahref.
B. Cursor.
C. Linker.
D. Editor.

2. What could do to remove a paragraph you had written?
A. ctrl and V.
B. Highlight and delete.
C. Drag and drop.
D. Cut and paste.

3. Data and Time are available on the-
A. Title bar.
B. Task bar.
C. Scroll bar.
D. Properties.

4. What is sub directory?
A. A file.
B. A folder.
C. A directory within a directory.
D. None of these.

5. To make the text bold you use-
A. Italic.
B. Bold.
C. Big.
D. Uppercase.

6. Process of finding error in software code is-
A. Compiling.
B. Debugging.
C. Editing.
D. Testing.

7. In excel chart wizard is used to create-
A. Charts.
B. Graph.
C. Pointer.
D. Picture.

8. Which of the following is not a common feature of software applications?
A. Menus.
B. Help.
C. Search.
D. Windows.

9. Which of the following gives us quick access to buttons and menus?
A. Windows.
B. Folders.
C. Toolbar.
D. Search Bar.

10. In Microsoft word if we type a word that does not exist in world's dictionary will be appears as underlined with-
A. Red color.
B. Green color.
C. Blue color.
D. Yellow color.

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