Computer Knowledge 46

1. Which of the following will allow you to cancel your prvious action?
A. Redo.
B. Undo.
C. Copy.
D. Cut.

2. In a Microsoft Access table how many primary key can be exist?
A. One.
B. Two.
C. Three.
D. Four.

3. Which of the following software application allows user to perform calculation using row and column?
A. Microsoft Access.
B. Microsoft Excel.
C. Microsoft Paint.
D. Internet Explorer.

4. Full form of TB is-
A. Tera byte.
B. Tecta byte.
C. Terminal byte.
D. Ten byte.

5. Which of the following function allows combining of two or more cells into one cell?
A. Drag Drop.
B. Merge.
C. Cut Paste.
D. Delete.

6. Notepad is what kind of software?
A. Image processing.
B. Word processing.
C. Desktop Publishing.
D. System Software.

7. Quickly pressing and releasing the left mouse twice is called-
A. Dividing.
B. Double clicking.
C. Discovering.
C. Clicking.

8. Which of the following is a web browser?
A. Yahoo Messenger.
B. Firefox.
C. Whats App.
D. Windows Media Player.

9. When the computer system turned on and the operating system is loading is called-
A. Snoaring.
B. Clicking.
C. Booting.
D. Shut Down.

10. Which of the following is placed into the bottom of the pages?
A. Header.
B. Footer.
C. Title.
D. Paragraph.

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