Computer Knowledge 47

1. Which of the following allow users to upload files to an online site so that the file can be viewed and edited from another location?
A. Microsoft Word.
B. Office Live.
C. Microsoft Outlook.
D. Wordpad.

2. Which of the following feature adjusts the top and bottom margins so that the text appeared centered verticallyon printed pages?
A. Horizontal justifying.
B. Vertical centring.
C. Horizontal centring.
D. Verticle justifying.

3. Which of the following is not a personal communication on the internet?
A. Chat.
B. Instanotes.
C. Electronic Mail.
D. None of these.

4. Creating, editing, retrieving, storing and printing of text is called as-
A. Spreadsheet.
B. Word processing.
C. Web design.
D. Prsentation.

5. 4th generation mobile provides enhanced capabilities allowing the transfer of-
A. Voice and non-voice data.
B. Voice data only.
C. Non voice data only.
D. Text only.

6. Which of the following is a DoS attack in which a client repeatedly sends SYN packets to every ports on the server?
A. Memory wasting.
B. SYN flooding.
C. Copyright.
D. Duplex Mode.

7. Which of the following is a point and draw device?
A. Mouse.
B. Keyboard.
C. DVD writer.
D. Motherboard.

8. The intersecting column and row defined with letter and number is the-
A. Cell address.
B. Cell format.
C. Cell color code.
D. Cell contents.

9. A set of rules to tell the computer what operations to perform is called-
A. Programming language.
B. Editor.
C. Structures.
D. Formatting.

10. A detailed written description of a program with test result in printed form is called-
A. Documentation.
B. Reporting.
C. Formatting.
D. Report.


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