Computer Knowledge 48

1. Forms which stores business data as row and column format is called-
A. Spreadsheets.
B. Presentation.
C. Animation.
D. Register.

2. In Microsoft power point the Header and Footer appears in which of the following group?
A. Format group.
B. Text group.
C. Tables group.
D. None of these.

3. Which of the following helps to start the computer, managing programs, coordinate between input and output

A. Register.
B. Application software.
C. Operating system.
D. None of these.

4. A typical slide would not include-
A. Clip art.
B. Template.
C. Full motion videos.
D. Charts.


5. Which of the following store data in row and column format?
A. Presentation.
B. Slide.
C. Spreadsheet.


6. If parentheses is absence then the order of operation will be-
A. Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication.
B. Multiplication or Division, Addition or Subtraction.
C. Addition or Subtraction, Division or Multiplication.
D. None of these.


7. The paste special menu comes usder which tab?
A. Home.
B. Edit.
C. Design.
D. Insert.

8. Which of the following is ready to run and does not need to alter in any way.
A. Editor.
B. Compiler.
C. Executable.
D. Converter.

9. Which of the following temporary internet files stores in our computer hard disk, when we visit somewebsites.
A. Cookies.
B. Bookmark.
C. Banner files.
D. Logo files.

10. Which of the following technology automatically download talk or music files over the internet?
A. Broadcast.
B. Podcast.
C. Wiki.
D. Blog.

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