Computer Knowledge 49

1. Which view displays slides in thumbnail mode and helps to rearrange slides?
A. Slide Show.
B. Slide Sorter.
C. Slide Master.
D. Slide Design.

2. The lines by which computer units are connected with motherboards are called-
A. Buses.
B. Lines.
C. Pairs.
D. Tunnels.

3. Multimedia includes-
A. Text only.
B. Audio only.
C. Video only.
D. Text, audio and video.

4. A hub is a-
A. Networking device.
B. Calculating device.
C. Power generating device.
D. Intelligent processing device.

5. What is the full form of CD-ROM?
A. Compact disc- Read only memory.
B. Creative disc- Read only memory.
C. Compact drive- Read only memory.
D. Central disc- Read only memory.

6. We press enter at the end of every-
A. Line.
B. Character.
C. Space.
D. Ruler.

7. When two people talk over the internet in real time it is called-
A. Real time telephony.
B. Messaging.
C. Email.
D. Chat.

8. What is the the first step to resizing a window?
A. Poin to the corner or border.
B. Point to the title bar.
C. Point to status bar.
D. Click enter.

9. What can be used to give input to the computer without using hand.
A. Speech recognition.
C. Video conference.
B. Digital calculator.
D. Plotter.

10. Which of the following means file is transferred to your computer from another computer?
A. Upload.
B. Download.
C. Process.
D. Formatting.

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