Computer Knowledge 51

1. The company that providing service to your business to run an application over the internet is called-
A. Internet service provider.
B. Application service provider.
C. Outsource agency.
D. External provider.

2. Which of the following feature allow you to access your mail from anywhere?
A. Chat box.
B. Social media.
C. Web mail.
D. Weblog.

3. Linkedin is a social-
A. connector.
B. gaming portal.
C. operating system.
D. virtual device.

4. Which of the following technique is used to send more than one call over a single line?
A. Anlogiing.
B. Digitizing.
C. Multiplexing.
D. Streaming.

5. SEO stands for-
A. Search Engine Optimization.
B. Secure Ethernet Optimization.
C. Search Emergency Operation.
D. Several external operations.

6. The first part before the @(At sign) in an email address is called-
A. Usename.
B. Password.
C. Domain Name.
D. Email server.

7. TCP/IP protocol is a standard-
A. Internet Protocol.
B. Device protocol.
C. of sending data in local computers only.
D. None of these.

8. CAM stands for-
A. Computer Aided manufacturing.
B. Computer Aided manupulation.
C. Central Aided Machine.
D. Computer Autheticate Mechanism.

9. A mistake in an alogorithm causing incorrect result is called-
A. Syntax error.
B. Compile error.
C. Logical error.
D. Procedural error.

10. Which function allow us to create new mail?
A. Sent mail.
B. Compose mail.
C. Receive mail.
D. Spam.

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