Computer Knowledge 53

1. Firewall is used for what purpose?
A. Data storing.
B. Security.
C. Avoid Redundency.
D. To optimize performence.

2. ASCII is a-
A. Computer database.
B. Standard Coding system.
C. Hardware Device.
C. Network Tool.

3. Computer cabinet means-
A. The cover of the CPU.
B. The peripherals inside the CPU.
C. Components attached to the motherboard.
D. The part of the RAM.

4. Making character either in upper or lower case is the use of-
A. Shift key.
B. CTRL key.
C. Enter key.
D. Fuction key.

5. Pick out the odd one-
A. Mouse.
B. Keyboard.
C. Scanner.
D. Plotter.

6. DOS is a operating system developed by-
A. Solaris.
B. Microsoft.

7. RJ45 is a connector of-
A. Electric cables.
B. Network cables.
C. System Bus.
D. None of these.

8. Storing of hard disk data to other external device is called-
A. Turn OFF.
B. Recovering.
B. Backup.
D. Processing.

9. In Notepad ctrl+F stand for-
A. Function.
B. Find.
C. File option.
D. None of these.

10. *, @ and & are-
A. Numbers.
B. Letters.
C. Special characters.
D. Functions.

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