Computer Knowledge 54

1. Which of the following provide expansion capability for computer system?
A. Socket.
B. Slots.
C. Bits.
D. Buses.

2. Which of the following device allow sharing of broadband internet connection?
B. Switch
C. Router.
D. Adapter.

3. Clock rate of processor is measured in-
A. Micro seconds.
B. Mili seconds.
C. Megahertz.
D. nano seconds.

4. Computer virus normally attaches to another program, is known as-
A. Replicate.
B. Trojan Horse.
C. Worm.
D. Host.

5. Display is related to which device?
A. Monitor.
B. Scanner.
C. Mouse.
D. Printer.

6. The amount of time required to retrieve data is called-
A. Call back time.
B. Response time.
C. Access speed.
D. None of these.

7. How many bytes can be processed at a time by a 32bit word computer?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 16
D. 32

8. 1 MB equals to-
A. 1024 kb
B. 1024 byte.
C. 1024 bit.
D. 8 nibble.

9. The temporary high speed holding area between CPU and memory is-
D. Cache.

10. 1 kilobyte is equal to-
A. 8 bit.
B. 1000 byte.
C. 1024 byte.
D. 1024 nibble.

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