Computer Knowledge 56

1. Opera mini is an well known-
A. Calculating software.
B. operating system.
C. programming language.
D. Web browser.

2. Forum is a place in the web where people can-
A. discuss.
B. transact money.
C. book tickets.
D. play games.

3. Which fixed key is used to make the text appear in uppercase when you type?
A. Num lock.
B. Tab.
C. Caps lock.
D. Print screen.

4. Special effect that can be applied to a slide is-
A. Slide show.
B. Custom animation.
C. Hover.
D. Transition.

5. In a digital computer 0 menas-
A. On.
B. Off.
C. Start.
D. Sleep.

6. We can get the previously browsing details on a web browser from-
A. Browsing History.
B. Browse Menu.
C. Tool.
D. File.

7. Working with mouse pointer to select object is am example of-
C. Hardware Peripherals.
C. Output units.

8. Mac OS is known as-
A. Macafee.
B. Macintosh.
C. Google Mac.
D. Marsmellow.

9. Linux is a operating system based on-
A. Windows.
C. Unix.
D. None of these.

10. The number of pages on a word document appears on-
A. Title bar.
B. File bar.
C. Design Bar.
D. Status Bar.

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