Computer Knowledge 58

1. Computer Information is the output of-
A. Data.
B. Analog signal.
C. System Bus.
D. None of these.

2. Calculator is a-
A. Server computer.
B. embedded device.
C. Networking device.
D. Routing device.

3. Which of the following is a popular emial server?
A. Notepad.
B. Yahoomail.
C. Tally.
D. Linux server.

4. The place where we enter data to spreadsheet is called-
A. Area.
B. Place.
C. Cell.
D. Home.

5. To jump into the start of the document what key is used?
A. Home.
B. End.
C. Insert.
D. Tab.

6. To get information about a file we will check the-
A. Properties of the file.
B. icon of the file.
C. color of the file.
D. None of these.

7. Link is used to go from one page to another page. It is called-
A. Tab.
B. Data validation.
C. Hyperlink.
D. Web Forum.

8. Which is a networking device?
A. Keyboard.
B. Speaker.
C. Router.
D. DVD Writer.

9. Add-on means-
A. Extra services.
B. Liscence agreement.
C. Software progrsms.
D. None of these.

10. Mouse wheel is called as-
A. Click button.
B. Scroll button.
C. Rotate button.
D. Finger button.

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