Computer Knowledge 59

1. We can stop an hardware service using-
A. My computer.
B. Control panel.
C. Disk drives.
D. Firewall.

2. In case of computer gaming we use which of the following device?
A. Modem.
B. Joystick.
C. Wheeler.
D. Plotter.

3. To get back into the previous work we use-
A. Undo function.
B. Delete.
C. Page up.
D. Tab.

4. Date and time appears at-
A. Start menu.
B. Task bar.
C. Recycle bin.
D. Disk drives.

5. Root directory is the-
A. sub directory.
B. Main directory.
C. Sub file.
D. Sub folder.

6. Underline a text can be done using which of the following button in MS Word?
A. U
B. I
C. B
D. T

7. Finding error in a software is called-
A. Compiling.
B. Generating.
C. Debugging.
D. Testing.

8. Which of the following is used in Excel to create charts?
A. Tools wizard..
B. Chart Wizard.
C. Design wizard.
D. Formatting.

9. Hard drive is a-
A. Main storage.
B. Secondary storage.
C. Processing deice.
D. Burning device.

10. In microsoft word menus are appeared below the-
A. Status bar.
B. Title bar.
C. Ruler area.
D. None of these.

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