Computer Knowledge 64

1. Which of the functional key is used in MS word to repeat the last action?
A. F1.
B. F2
C. F4
D. F5

2. Thesaurus option is appear under which menu?
A. Home.
B. Insert.
C. References.
D. Review.

3. Alignment in MS word means-
A. the size of the text.
B. the position of text between the margins.
C. the color the text.
D. the number of chracter in the document.

4. Portrait and Landscape options available in MS Word is known as-
A. Page Orientation.
B. Page Alignment.
C. Text Color in a document.
D. Default size of the text in a document.

5. Which of the functional key is used in MS word to choose the spelling command?
A. F5
B. F7
C. F9
D. F10

6. The space between the margin and the beginning of the paragraph is called-
A. Gutter.
B. Pattern.
C. Alignment.
D. Indentation.

7. What is Gutter Margin?
A. Margin applied to the left side of the page.
B. Margin applied to the right side of the page.
C. Margin applied to the binding side of the page.
D. None of these.

8. What is the shortcut key to create a copyright symbol in MS word?
A. ctrl + C
B. Alt + ctrl + C
C. Alt + C
D. ctrl + shift + C

9. What is the default font size of an word document based on normal template?
A. 10 pt
B. 11 pt
C. 12 pt
D. 13 pt

10. Which of the following line spacing is invalid?
A. Single.
B. Double.
C. Triple.
D. Multiple.

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