Computer Knowledge 65

1. Microsoft Excel is a-
A. Document Application.
B. Spreadsheet Application.
C. Presentation Application.
D. None of these.

2. In Microsoft Excel 2007, the maximum number of column is-
A. 256
B. 10,48,576
C. 65,536

3. What is the shortcut in MS Excel to enter the current time?
A. ctrl + shift + ;
B. ctlr + space
C. alt + delete
D. alt + '

4. The main features of Microsoft Excel includes-
A. Image processing.
B. Calculation and graphing.
C. video converting.
D. book publishing.

5. What is the shortcut for slecting an entire column in MS Excel?
A. Ctrl + Enter
B. ctrl + space
C. ctrl + delete
D. ctrl + shift

6. What is a cell in MS excel?
A. Each spreadsheet.
B. Each Row.
C. Each column.
D. Intersection between row and column.

7. Which of the following is/are the file format of MS Excel?
A. .doc
B. .xls
C. .xlsx
D. both B and C.

8. In Microsoft Excel 2003, the maximum number of row is-
A. 256
B. 10,48,576
C. 65,536

9. The letter and number of the intersecting row and column in MS excel is called as-
A. Status Bar name.
B. Cell Address.
C. Spreadsheet name.
D. Column Name.

10. What is workbook?
A. Document that contain one or more spreadsheet.
B. Document under document.
C. Document without a valid name.
D. Both B and C.

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