Computer Knowledge 66

1. What is the shortcut for slecting an entire row in MS Excel?
A. Ctrl + Enter
B. shift + space
C. ctrl + delete
D. ctrl + shift

2. All the formulas in Microsoft excel start with-
A. +
B. *
C. =
D. @

3. In Microsoft Excel 2007, the maximum number of row is-
A. 256
B. 10,48,576
C. 65,536

4. Which of the following shortcut can be used to create chart from selected cell?
A. F1
B. F2
C. F8
D. F11

5. The cell reference for a range of cells starting from A1 and goes over to column C and upto row 10 is-
A. A1:C10
B. A1-C10
C. A1=C10
D. A1,C10

6. The types of chart MS excel can produce is/are
A. Line chart.
B. Bar chart.
C. Pie chart.
D. All of these.

7. A function inside another function is called as-
A. Inside function.
B. Nested functon.
C. Complete function.
D. Complex function.

8. What is the shortcut in MS Excel to enter the value of the above cell into the cell currently selected?
A. ctrl + '
B. space + '
C. alt + '
D. All of these.

9. In Microsoft Excel 2003, the maximum number of column is-
A. 256
B. 10,48,576
C. 65,536

10. The chart option appear under which of the following menu in MS Excel?
A. Home.
B. Insert.
C. Page Layout.
D. Formulas.

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