Computer Knowledge 67

1. Microsoft Power point is a-
A. word processing program.
B. Spreadsheet creation program.
C. Slide show presentation program.
D. None of these.

2. What are the views available in MS powerpoint?
A. Normal view.
B. Slide sorter view
C. Slide show from current slide.
D. All of these.

3. Which key is used in Powerpoint to start a presentation from the beginning?
A. F1
B. F2
C. F4
D. F5

4. Which key is used to return to the previous slide in MS powerpoint?
A. ctrl
B. Right Arrow
C. Left Arrow
D. delete

5. Which key is used to move to the next slide in MS powerpoint?
A. Right Arrow
B. Left Arrow
C. Home

6. How to move to a particular slide in powerpoint slide show mode?
A. Enter + ctrl
B. ctrl + number
C. only number
D. number + Enter

7. How to end an presentation in MS powerpoint?
A. Pressing left arrow.
B. Pressing right arrow.
C. By pressingEsc key.
D. By pressing ctrl key.

8. In MS powerpoint slide show, how to redisplay a hidden pointer or to change the pointer to a pen?
A. By pressing ctrl + P
B. By pressing ctrl + X
C. By pressing ctrl + Y
D.  By pressing ctrl + R

9. Which shortcut key is used to insert a new slide in a powerpoint presentation?
A. ctrl + M
B. ctrl + A
C. ctrl + S
D. ctrl + X

10. Transition option is appear under which menu?
A. File.
B. Insert.
C. Design.
D. Animation.

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